Fractal Traceability TM and Blockchain

Horses for courses

These two protocols serve different purposes and are totally independent from each other. However they may be used together in situations where traceability and operations visibility information needs to be securely distributed in an insecure environment to parties that are not interfaced to a platform that embeds the Fractal Traceability TM protocol.

Strength of the fractal approach

The Fractal Traceability TM protocol already provides for highly secure data capture, data management, data distribution and data consumption to users directly interfaced to the Fractal Traceability TM enabled cloud. In these transactions the interface to the Fractal Traceability TM enabled cloud facility supports communications in both directions. For third parties that require access only to consume (i.e. read or view or print) information from the traceability platform, but are not in a position to interface to the facility or that are working in a hostile environment or using an unprotected Internet service, the use of the Blockchain protocol may offer benefit.

Working together

On the other hand, when used together the forensically hard Fractal Traceability TM protocol serves to strengthen the vulnerability of blockchain with respect to potential data integrity risks, ensuring that the blockchain not only distribute data securely, but that the data in the blockchains are authentic and accurate.