Global Standards

The Role of the GS1 traceability standards suite

In practice the Fractal Traceability TMTM approach won’t be possible without the use of a global traceability standard such as the GS1 suite of standards ( Given the scale of local, regional and global supply chains with many participating companies, each recording traceability within the context of their own internal stock codes and system protocols, it will be virtually impossible to coordinate between item handling events from different stock code regimes and different system architectures and communication protocols. GS1 provides a common item marking and identification standard as well a common communication protocol to communicate traceability data between different systems. Traceability systems using the Fractal Traceability TMTM approach map in-house stock codes against a standard table of registered GS1 Global Trade Item Numbers when communicating between the company in-house system and the cloud based traceability audit trail.

GS1 suite of standards