Visible enterprise

The value of visible operations

The operations visibility provided by employing the Fractal Traceability TM protocol goes further than just physical item visibility in the supply-chain. It also provides the basis for creating and automatically tracking operations performance indices. These can be throughput indices, productivity indices, quality indices, and more.
These indices can also serve as the parameters for monitoring executive officers’ key performance indices (KPI’s), which in turn can be used as a measure of executive officer performance.
The same logic applies at enterprise level in determining overall organisational and business excellence. This is to be achieved  by defining corresponding fractal units to be recorded for the enablers of organisational performance, the organisational processes and for organisational results.  These fractal units combine according to the logic underlying the metrics and performance areas of Organisation Excellence Models to create a behavioural pattern that are to be assessed and scored by authorised assessors.

Can only manage that which get measured:

Below is a schematic diagramme depicting dependencies between the basic monitoring and recording of an agreed company traceability fractal unit, its internal operational performance, the performance of its executive officers and the overall organisational and business performance excellence. Based on these relationships the Fractal Traceability TM protocol can also be extended to monitor and record internal organisational performance, effectiveness, efficiency and excellence.